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Message From the Chairman

Psychological Medicine Hospital was founded by Professor Dr. Adel Sadek in the year 2000 after spending 40 years of his life caring for patients with mental health difficulties. Dr. Sadek is an eminent psychiatrist who is well known for his invaluable contributions to research in the field of psychiatry and has published hundreds of articles in addition to writing more than 30 books aimed specifically for non mental health professionals to help raise awareness in the Arab world about psychiatric disorders.

Over the years we have carried his legacy of providing the highest quality care for our patients, ensuring that we follow the latest evidence based developments in mental health care and offer our patients a safe, comfortable and friendly environment which is sensitive to their cultural and spiritual needs.

Since its establishment, the Psychological Medicine Hospital has gained an excellent reputation, thus we frequently receive referrals from psychiatrists all over the Arab world to admit their patients to our hospital; they trust that we provide a reliable and efficient service.

In our Arab world, patients with mental health difficulties have always carried the burden of stigma, the general public has been found to hold a strong negative attitude towards mentally ill patients. Society feels they are dangerous and wish to have a social distance from them. Thus when a patient shows any signs or symptoms indicating a mental illness, his problems tend to be ignored and he and his family are reluctant to visit a psychiatrist, this creates a lot of suffering for the patient and heartache for the family.

I hope that our society would change the way they view mentally ill patients and be sure that the right help is available and there is a cure. A body of research has found that the earlier the patient seeks help and receives treatment for his illness the better the prognosis.

A better understanding of psychiatric illnesses and how it can be appropriately managed is the best way forward.

Thank you

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Dr. Hisham Sadek