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Psychological Medicine Hospital
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Psychological Medicine Hospital was established by Dr. Adel Sadek in the year 2000 aspiring to provide the highest quality of care for patients with mental health difficulties and for those who suffer from drug misuse. Our aim is to help our patients from the entire Arab world, live a healthy, productive and fulfilled life.
Why Us
Our highly qualified team provides the best medical service within a friendly and caring environment. We give full support for the patient's family and we ensure patients confidentiality and privacy.
Our Medical Services
We use the latest developments in mental health care; our treatment package includes pharmaco-therapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy and spiritual education, in addition to family counseling.
Our accommodation varies between a royal suite, business suite, VIP suite, single room, double room and shared room. All our rooms are beautifully decorated and elegantly furnished.
We are proud to announce that we are the only psychiatric hospital that has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000, this is due to our continuous hard work and persistence in striving for excellence.
Our aim is not only to help patients stay off drugs but also to re-integrate them back into the community so that they lead a healthy and successful life.
Psychiatric Disorders
We help our patients regain their happiness and the ability to enjoy life; we are also committed to supporting their families through maintaining continuous communication.

Royal Club
The grand opening of the royal club was in June 2007. It was tastefully designed covering an area of 1.500 m to promote a healthy life style to our residents by spending a relaxing time in our state of the art garden.
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